Psychology counseling (GB GGZ)

For people who use Dutch insurances, and need to be treated within GB GGZ (first line psychology treatment) is important to know that Dutch insurances are refunding the packages from 5 to 12 sessions per year in GB GGZ. Depending from the intensity of your complaint is to be agreed with your psychologist which package is the most suitable for you. The possibilities are short, medium, intensive and chronicle.

To be treated within GB GGZ you need to have a valid referral letter from your GP with a clear indication of a diagnose which falls under the DSM V.

If, after the intake, is to be found that your problems are to light or to complicated to be treated within the GBGGZ you will be referred back to your general practitioner (huisarts) in order to find the best suitable help for you.

If practice has a contract with your insurance, after the treatment is finished the bill will be send directly to your insurance company. You are still obliged to pay for own risk of 385e, backt to your insurance company, for the first yearly use of insurance.

If you have international insurance please call me for the details. Most of the International insurances cover at least 10 sessions with accredited counselor, per year.

Practice has a contract with the following insurances:

CZ-OHRA-Delta Lloyd

Zilveren kruis: Zilveren Kruis Achmea Zorgverzeringen, OZF Achmea Zorgverzekeringen, Interpolis Zorgverzekeringen, FBTO Zorgverzekeringen, AGIS zorgverzekeringen, Avero Achmea Zorgverzekeringen, Nedaco B.V./Caresco B.V., IAK Volmacht B.V., Aevitae B.V., Turien&co. Assuradeuren.

Multizorg: PNO zorg, VvAA zorgverzekering, ONVZ zorgverzekeraar, BeterDichtbij, Salland Zorgverzekeringen, Hollandzorg, Energiek, Salland ZorgDirect, Zorg en Zekerheid Zorgverzekeraar, Caresco (ASR ziektekosten), IAK Volmacht (ASR Ziektekosten), Aevitae (ASR ziektekosten), Turien&Co (ASR ziektekosten).

DSW Zorgverzekeraar , In TwenteZorgverzekeraar, Stad Holland  Zorgverzekeraar,

A.S. R Zorgverzekeraar (De Amersfortse en Ditzo)

Prices per package:

Price per package vary from insurance to insurance, depending from the agreement psychology practice has with your insurance. Below you can see what maximum cost can be per service:

Code     Description Costs 2019

180001                                 Basis GGZ Short €     507,62

180002                                 Basis GGZ Medium €     864,92

180003                                 Basis GGZ Intensive € 1.356,25

180004                                 Basis GGZ Chronical € 1.251,70

180005                                 Not complited traject €    207,19

19407 OVP / consultation €       105,25

119052 Rapport to company or insurance doctor (via the patient) or CBR 85,09

What if the practice does not have contract with your insurance?

If the practice does not have contract with your insurance, the bill will be send directly to you. In average 75% of the cost will be still refunded from your insurance company.

Are all psychological problems covered from your basic insurance police?

Unfortunately, the treatment of some problems like: relations problems, work related problems, adjustment disorders and grieving are not covered with your basis insurance police. If you have additional insurance (aanvullende verzekering) you might get coverage of these problems too. If unsure, please check with your insurance.

If in doubt please give me a call so I can explain this in more details.

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy has been seen as alternative treatment in Holland. If you have additional insurance (aanvullende verzekering), part of the cost might be still refunded from your insurance company.

Individual gestalt therapy 

Gestalt psychotherapy is for you if you are ready  to go deep in the journey of self exploration, understanding and change. However, I will not make you go where you do not choose to go. The length, depth and intensity of the work we do is worked out between us, and based on the therapeutic contract we make together.

Price 120e/h. 

Children gestalt therapy

In working with children, age 0 to 14, I use a gestalt play therapy, a technique which combines the principles of gestalt theory with play techniques, so that children are able to use play to address their needs and problems.

Price 120e/h. 

Family/relationship gestalt  therapy

Family counseling helps family members to find constructive ways to be with each others.

Price 220e/1,5h.

Group gestalt therapy

For ones who find belonging to group supportive and want to learn from other peoples experiences. Also for people with modest therapy budget-you get one hour for 50e istead 120e which you normally pay for individual hour.

Price 50e/h.

Additional informations:   

I provide my services in English, Dutch and Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian.

My clients are children, adolescents, adults and families.

Intake interview is time for getting to know each other. At the end of it, we together decide about our future work.

One hour of psychological counseling or includes 45min treatment and 15 min for practicalities.

Duration of the treatment depends from many things and is not easy to predict.

During the holidays the replacement therapist will be available.

In case of crisis please contact your general practicionar (huisarts) or emerency services who would put you trough crisis centre.

Additional informations:

I'm available every work day over the telephone. If it is not possible to reach me, than please leave me a message, and I will call you back as soon as possible.

About stopping and changing the frequency of the session it is better to discuss during the session and not over the telephone.

Therapy with children almost always includes therapy or counseling of the parents, or the whole family. The exceptions can be made if the child is over 16 years old, but only occasionally.

If you can't come on a session, please give me at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise you will be charged the full price.

You will be billed monthly.

Online services should be payed up to one day before the session by Pay Pal/bank transfer.

The price for evening work is 50% up.