"Tanja's caring and tailor-made approach to me is what I found the most attractive part of her therapy. It was not long before I started seeing her as a friend rather than a therapist and looking forward to our sessions. She took me on this road of self-discovery, gently guiding me through a very rough and rugged terrain of my past hurts and troubles and even though the road will be as long as I am alive, I found that she helped me to see certain issues from a different angle which I was not aware of before and it gave me a different, lighter, brighter and a more optimistic perspective on my issues and problems. She helped me to view those not so much as my issues but as my challenges which help me to grow and mature as a person, so a BIG thank you to Tanja, you really are a gem among the therapists (and I should know, she is not my first therapist, it took a while to find her!)"

"I was exhausted by the continuous stress and burnout. I was depressed the moment I opened my eyes. When I felt cornered enough, I decided to look for help. The therapy was new to me and I felt like Saint-Exupery's fox being slowly tamed by the little prince. I didn't know the real reason for the way I was feeling, but gradually we managed to open the sealed door of my childhood and family secrets. Little by little the therapy led to the discovery of the technique that revealed the unexpected and to my surprise it was the most mysterious and precious experience of my life. I guess everybody wants to know about the purpose of his life and tasks we have during our stay on this planet. I found it out, but I cried a lot. Now I am still Me, but a lighter Me."       

"I have been in and out of different intensity depressions almost my entire life but it was only recently that I have come to see it as a problem and an obstacle to a more fulfilling life that I was unknowingly denying myself. With Tanja I have opted for a very intensive therapy that involved lots of digging into my past, present, family and relationships. The healing process rarely takes shortcuts but with Tanja, we have discovered some. I am deeply grateful to Tanja for all the care and sincere involvement she has shown towards me."

"I came to Tanja to ask her to help me with my aggression issues. She provided professional help and she challenged me to find new ways of interaction with other people. I'm very grateful for that."