Autogenic Training (AT)

After pandemic and in the times of energycrisis and wars around us, psychologists and psychotherapists are overwhelmed with the number of people looking for help with anxiety and depression symptoms. In order to help Expat community in The Netherlands and wider, my colleague is offering a very nice and affordable online course, which might help people to quiet their brains and find some peace and calm in these uncertain times.


Meetings are online, once a week (8 weeks altogether). Groups are small and interactive.

Starting date:1 February 2024 at 20:30 CET

Number of meetings: 8 ( once a week for an hour )

Price: E 300

is a recognized technique in psychology for combatting stress and improving mental and physical health and concentration.

It was originally developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz and is one of the most famous and oldest techniques for achieving deep relaxation. In this course we will focus on a newer version of AT: Autogenic Training without autosuggestion (AAT), which represents a continuation, synthesis, and improvement of the techniques of classical AT. It is not necessary to have any previous training in AT to attend this course. We will also talk about combining AAT with other techniques, like mindfulness of visualisation.
AAT represents the integration of selected mental exercises, whose aim is to help individuals get rid of excess psychological and physiological tension by making useful changes in brain waves and balancing the Autonomous Nervous System. The main goal of the training is for the participants to master the independent practice of this relaxation technique. After the course, AAT is applied as needed and regular exercise is not necessary. Learning how to do these exercises requires little of your time.
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to do them in just a few minutes and in almost any situation: before important events, public presentations, in stressful situations, in the office, before going to bed for better sleep, etc.

Autogenic Training is indicated for:
- People who are stressed, work hard, and are at risk of or already in burn out;
- People who suffer from chronic tension;
- Anxiety and mild to moderate depression;
- Headache, thyroid problem, or hormonal imbalance;
- Prevention or treatment of psychosomatic illnesses;
- High blood pressure and bronchial asthma (Autogenic training was recommended in the 2016 European Society of Cardiology Guidelines for prevention of cardiovascular disease in persons who experience psychosocial problems)
- Psychogenic infertility;
- Mood regulation;
- Professional athletes, especially where deep concentration and the ability to maintain attention for a long period of time is required (diving, tennis, etc.);
- Students and employees who need to manage an excessive load of work during a busy/examination period;
- Healthy people to achieve better concentration and relaxation, but also to increase creativity, imagination, fitness level, and increase the capacity for work.
- Deep relaxation techniques are also used before public presentations, job interviews and stressful meetings and it can also be used as a grounding/resting technique between clients for health care professionals.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at or +31615234648.

The training is given by Dragan Markovic, MS Clinical Psychology, Trainer of Autogenic Training, Counsellor, with his own practice in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Member of the NVTA - The Dutch Association for Transactional Analysis, DPS Psychological Society.


Simple and effective programme to learn relaxation techniques without an elaborate theory. The autogenic training works! It works for relaxation, mood improvement and better circulation in hands and feet. I have learned much more than I expected and was pleasantly surprised by the profound calm that can be achieved using these techniques. Dragana and Tanja are warm and thoughtful guides on the road to the most ambitious of objectives in the era of the pandemic: learning to attain a peace of mind. Alex

Autogenic training - simple and effective.
At the end of a two-month program of autogenic training without autosuggestion, I was first impressed by the results achieved by this method and amazed by the simplicity of the method itself. I am finishing a program equipped with techniques that I will certainly use in the future.
Autogenic training on a daily basis brings me a quick, but deep relaxation, after which I feel completely energized to continue with my daily tasks, enthusiastically and less tired. In moments of emotional upset, it helped me find peace by not escaping from my feelings, but only balancing the processes in the body. Things, in reality, don't get less complicated, but it's getting easier to deal with them. In the long run, I see autogenic training as a method that has helped me balance my anxiety and not be overwhelmed by fears in stressful moments.
Discovering of new interests and hobbies, as well as getting rid of bad habits are just some of the side effects of autogenic training that have enriched my life.
Finding twice for ten minutes just for myself during the day remains the biggest challenge for me. But it's definitely something worth working on.
It was a pleasure to participate in this program, as part of a group where we exchanged experiences to encourage each other in achieving goals.
I am very grateful to the expert team, to Dragan Marković and Tanja Mitrović who shared their knowledge, experience, support and were open to all questions and concerns. Alma

Pleasant, warm course with which you get results quickly
2 years ago, I experienced burn-out so I joined these sessions exhausted from theory and long exercises from mindfulness, meditation, behavioral therapy, etc. I was looking for a therapist not only to offer remedy for my complaints, but also to ensure that they never come back by providing specifics tools that I can use when needed.
With autogenic exercises (no longer then 15min) for which I can easily find time to implement every day, I quickly get my body and mind to relax. I was having busy mind, constantly thinking and worrying, but my head is now clearer and lighter, and I am far more relaxed.
Dragan and Tanja are leading the sessions in very friendly, warm way so you leave each session with anticipation of next. Most of course participants signed up for advanced sessions inspired by simplicity and effectiveness of exercises. Jelena

Before I started the training I did not know what to expect as I had no experience with any kind of relaxation methods. All I wanted was to get some time for myself and to take a break from my busy daily routine. Training was easy to follow and very enjoyable. Participation in a group was great as I could learn also from other people's experience. Training helped me to improve my sleep regime. I manage the stress much better now and I started again to enjoy my daily life. I am more relaxed and kids love to play with me again! Svetlana